“The #1 mandatory, unequalled advantage for a business, in any market, determining its success, is ‘Innovation’, which is directly linked to #2 - Differentiation’.”

Innovation is...

"The ability to understand that which exists presently, and imagine that which could be an advancement, or an entirely new direction." 

“Innovation”, simply put, separates the winners from the losers in the world of business. Innovation can apply to every part of your business. It needs to be thought of as a continuous process inseparable from your everyday marketing and competitive strategy.
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October, 2009 -
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Differentiation is...

"Todays markets are saturated. Standing out from your competition in unique, and memorable ways is everything -- the more innovative your differences are, the greater your competetive edge, and the greater your guarantee of success..."

No matter what your business is, introducing innovative "differences", coupled with creating customer awareness of these differences, is an unequalled advantage. The proven result is rapid growth and profit through increased customer interest, attention and ease of access.
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Creativity Building

"Creating a whole new market or niche path through innovation increases and creates customer interest, attention and loyalty, and powers your reputation. By developing a simple strategy to build a creative environment within your company, inspire creative ideas and thought from your own staff, and initial product development expertise, you will be insuring your company growth over time." Don Drew.

Inno-Think: Unique Possibilities & Uncommon Relationships

Don Drew believes that a truly innovative mind is capable of looking at the world “through fresh [untainted] eyes”, and the ability to consistently see unique possibilities and uncommon relationships that others miss. “A relatively small percentage of the population seems to be born with this odd mode of scattered, rapid-image thought Don Drew With Innovative ideas as a natural instinct, and even fewer seem to be able to develop it, into a useful talent to be called on in a consistent, directed and solution-oriented manner.”


Innovation can be Taught

Don Drew: "The belief is that one’s environment, the various innovation-stimulating influences, and the frequency of being exposed to those influences, can directly affect the ‘depth’, ‘development’, ‘speed’, and ‘manipulative skill’ of this thought mode, as well as, the ease in which these persons can call upon it. In a similar way, with the right approach for developing, stimulating and optimizing this divergent creative thought, we can teach people of all different innovation-thought levels, to increase their ability, and therefore increase the potential (especially in their own field of knowledge) of brilliant discovery, unique invention, or profound, previously unseen, solutions. "

Your Needs Are Our challenges

Connecting to Markets:

You or your company (any size) needs help to develop patented innovation(s)/invention(s) for you, and expertise to connect it to synergistic market(s) and/or interested corporation(s)

Creating and Developing Innovation:

You or your company (any size) needs help to create new innovation (new products, new niches, re-new products, develop employee and company innovation climate, etc, to spark your company’s rapid growth

Prototype Development:

You or your company (any size) needs help to design/build a prototype, and expertise to connect it to the synergistic market(s) and/or interested corporation(s)

Develop Partnerships:

You or your company (any size) needs a partner on a high-potential products/innovations, to provide the input and expertise involved in connecting the product to the synergistic market(s) and/or interested corporation(s)


You or your company (any size) needs (confidential) when-required assistance, as part of your service to your client(s) — as a Marketing co. /consultant, or other service provider.

Planning for Innovation:

Your organization is interested in a guest speaker or presentation on (a) inspiring business and/or employee innovation, OR (b) Developing creativity training/lectures for business, youth, or children education.


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